"Following a car accident, which left me in severe pain in my upper back and shoulders, I visited Caroline privately for diagnosis and a course of treatment. Not only was her diagnosis accurate, but the treatment cured the problem in a short space of time.

Caroline put me at ease immediately and was totally professional yet extremely friendly at all times. I have no hesitation in recommending her to colleagues, friends and family."

Helen Redfern, Flight Attendant, British Airways CitiExpress/FlyBe

"After trying to ignore excruciating back pain and sciatica, I found some sense and went to see Caroline after being recommended that a chiropractor was what I needed. After a first session that assessed my problem, I received effective and thorough treatment, which also included acupuncture.

Caroline always put me at ease during the treatment by talking through each step and how it would benefit me. The treatments were successful and thanks to Caroline I have never had serious problems again. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline as a skillful, friendly and experienced chiropractor."

Abigail Layman, Secondary School Teacher

"I specifically preferred to see a woman chiropractor. This is how I became one of Caroline's patients.

I have had succcessful treatment on various points in my back, all of which have been treated with great care and precision. It doesn't matter the distance I have to go to see Caroline, I know I will get my back sorted and that it is worth it.

Caroline is very patient and always willing to help you in any way she can with the treatment she offers. The advice she gives on how to keep flexible and keep tension to the minimum is very helpful.

I would advise anyone who wishes to see a chiropractor, now or in the future, to see Caroline. Whether you have seen one before or not, she is the best there is. Take it from me!"

Joanne Evans, Post Completion Clerk, Halliwells Solicitors

"I am writing to you to thank you for all your help in making my neck better. In December my neck was very painful. My back was hunched, I couldn't look upwards and even looking straight forwards was a problem. I was really struggling at work, particularly at the computer.

Now, after two months of treatment, I can stand up straight and talk to people face to face without pain. I fell ten feet taller! I do feel really great, and not just because I'm free from pain: it's also given me confidence and returned my self esteem to know that I can look good when I stand up straight.

I am very grateful for your advice on exercise and posture, which is helping me to maintain the good work you have done. On a personal note, I particularly appreciate your patience when I have needed things explained several times, and your sense of humour and fun, which have made visits a pleasure not a chore.

Again, very many thanks"

Helen Hancock, Retired

"I am very grateful that Dr Caroline has kindly and tirelessly (some times a few times a week) manipulated my skeleton. It is only due to her efforts that I have now been able to regain the following:

Free rotation to the right of my neck

Significantly more upright posture

Quite a lot more flexibility and smoothness in movement in my spine

General sensation of wellbeing and feeling upbeat

Most importantly, understanding the needs of my own patients from their point of view.

I am most appreciative of the fact that Dr Caroline's treatments and patient bed manners have now influenced my own views and enriched my personality, as she has helped me to see individuals and lives behind the bodies of my patients. It is that previously I treated ailments, conditions and malfunctions. Now I can actually relate to my patients and feel human love and warmth towards them just like Dr Caroline sets the example of in her own pratice.

Hereby, great thanks Caroline from the bottom of my heart."

I Vatsadze, Derby

All of the above are available to be viewed in their original form at the clinic.

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